Friday, March 25, 2011

How's My Hair Today

3/22/11 - Today I wanted to be curly, so I used a 3/4 in curling iron to curl my whole head. I teased the top part of my hair and then sprayed it. I pinned the top back with the Fairy Lands Bobby pins. You can buy your own set through my link I didn't have time to take a picture of the front of my hair, but I just had my bangs swept to the side and I straightened and sprayed them with hairspray. 


I thought it would be fun to show everyone all the different ways I style my hair since I don't like to ever repeat the same style two days in a row. A lot of people are curious on how much time I spend on my hair and how I choose my hairstyle for that day. Everyone thinks I spend a bunch of time on my hair, but really I don't. I just have my hair down to a science because I have been doing it for so long. I will try to post pics a few times a week depending on how busy my weeks are. 

Ok, Let's start with Monday 3/20/11. I got up at 5:40AM packed my husbands lunch and made coffee (I'm such a good wife huh?) I checked my emails and watched a little t.v till 6:30AM. Woke my daughter up and started to get ready. I took a quick shower, but didn't wash my hair. I washed it last night before bed so It would air dry. I put on my make up and got dressed. Made my daughters lunch and made sure she got ready. Then I did her hair. She doesn't like to do much with her hair. I either straighten it or put it in a pony tail. I keep trying to get her to do something different but she won't. Anyways, so back to my hair. I was tired and it was a Monday and I really didn't feel like curling all of my hair, so I teased the top of it and then sprayed it with hairspray. I then twisted my bangs and pinned them back. I'm trying to grow them out. I took the rest of my hair and put it up in a claw clip.  I curled just a few pieces on top and sides. Of course I wanted to sport something that I made so I put in a cream flower bobby pin which I call Vanilla Twilight.   So then it was off to work and school we went!